A pause, a meditation, a reflection

Please take pause with me.    

Best if done in the presence of the wind, the sun, or water.  But wherever you are, may I ask you to take pause.  Become completely still, standing, seated or lying down.  Close your eyes unless you feel quieter with them open.  But look only in one place, relax and still.  Completely.  So that the wind or the distant bird or honking horn for the city folk, can be heard.  So still that you can hear the creak of the floor as your body sways to keep its natural sense of balance.  Relax your forehead and your tongue.  So still you can feel your heartbeat.  Stay for at least five minutes, if its easier set an alarm that when it goes off its a pleasurable sound.  Or have a clock, not your phone, near by to glance at the minute hand.

First just listen. To everything.  Nothing taking up more space than the other.

Then start taking slow deep quiet breaths.  Notice the pause in-between each in-breath and out-breath.

What happens next?  After your timed pause, if you want to cry, then cry.

If you want to dance, then dance.

If you want to sing, or draw, or cook a meal, then do it.

Keep your phone and computer off, resisting the urge to respond or react.

Just for a few more minutes to reflect on taking pause.

May we resist responding to each other with hate, particularly on social media.  We may be mad, we may be scared, people say things that heighten our anger and our fear.  But we each choose how we live and act, and how we respond to each other.  May we educate and learn even with the most difficult people and most difficult times, from a place of compassion, empathy, and equanimity.   May we take pause, reflect and choose action instead of reaction.  We are teachers and students at the same time, always.

Who am I?  Am I this body? This soul? This breath?  These senses? This fear?  Who am I.

Thank you.