Bend as the Bamboo

I’ve always had confidence that with my skills, discipline and adaptability, I would always be okay financially.  I’ve never not been in debt, I sometimes shake my fist in the air, will I ever get ahead?!!   But rent has always been paid, bills on time, food on the table.  I’ve enjoyed life even within the sensitivity towards spending.  I have life goals and I also try to keep perspective that a “future” time may not come, and enjoy the present moment as the only true moment.  

The last 30 years I have focused my education and practice on learning about the body, the moving form, how it finds balance, how pains come and go, the process of healing.  I explore and witness the physical, mental, emotional and energetic self as one beautiful conglomerate of an animal that needs love, support, knowledge, gentleness, empowerment, and flow to flourish.  

Through awareness and movement of this physical form, we move all of our self, not just that which is physical, it is a door from which we can enter global (whole self and other) awareness through.  Why do we benefit from yoga, dance, massage?  These practices help us connect the dots. What beautiful play between action and letting go, knowledge and intuition, trust in another and in oneself, togetherness and individual expression.

My daily living is dependent on interacting with others, sharing what I’ve experienced and learned from my school studies, my work with others, and through my own personal discoveries in injury, stress management, and somatic inquiries.  But here we are, how long will this current situation last? Without that knowledge, we are left to make choices to prepare for today and for the next day.  Being in the independent contractor boat, I am faced with the reality of no support from employers or the government.  All of us in this boat are watching closely to any new information coming in to support us.  But now, together in this boat we ask, how will we survive if this were to last longer than a week or two? Devoted to practices that require our interaction, many of us have turned to connecting online, offering classes, recordings, live-streaming.  Seeming the best option, I have been making videos, editing, exporting, uploading…my goodness that takes a lot of time!  But I am enjoying it too, because I love sharing the teachings and I know that someone is benefiting from it.  

So I am putting in the action, the discipline and adaptability, and if what I am offering excites you to participate, I thank you ahead of time for signing up for the subscription.  I am offering two or more live-stream classes a week, and a video library that grows weekly.  The classes range from level 1 and 2 full hour classes, to compressed classes, and area specific classes (hips, low back health, shoulders, inversions).  I am open to any suggestions as to content, and I will upload my recorded yoga nidra meditations as well.  You can cancel anytime, just let me know.  It is $12 for the month for all the things.  It is set low so that you won’t feel the financial burden.  Nowadays that’s less than one yoga class, meaning you can also sign up for online classes with your other teachers and benefit as much as possible.  There are alternative pay structures including one for those under more financial strain, and a donation option for those who may have a little more to give that can help offer this to more who cannot.  

If we can continue to help each other, offer our skills and passions with each other, we will all flow through this.  We have the opportunity to practice versatility, compassion, to bend like the bamboo and creatively welcome change to the table.

With all this in mind,  I have not canceled The Meadow, a somatic and eco-living immersion for August 8-14 of this year.  The “need to” cancel date is set for May, so in the meantime let’s see how things unravel.  I would really like to bring you here to the high desert of Taos.  The open sky and land, hugged by mountains, breath in silent air, could be just the respite needed after these coming months.  So let us keep that in our dreams and come back to it as the weeks come and go.

Thank you always for your support, and know I am here to support you as well. 

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Blessings all around.