Create Space

What are we doing? What’s it all for? Why do I get up in the morning.  Being out of work, running around in circles, banging my head on the wall, I’m searching for solutions.  I exhaust myself by 9am by thinking thinking thinking.  So, did I come up with anything?  


Well, the one thing that keeps returning is rather simple.  And doesn’t need “thinking” or head banging to be accomplished (unless it’s of the “dance style” kind of head banging then it might be okay…except we can’t get massages right now, and every time I head bang I need a neck massage).  But I digress…


I come up with… “create space”.  


Just make space in your room.  Put away the toys, the projects, the undealt emotions into their properly labeled bins, and clear the floor, open the windows.  


Relax your eyeballs, breathe in and out.  Listen.  Let whatever arise that wants to arise. Move or be still.  Draw or sing.  Cook or clean.  Laugh or cry.   Without expectation or judgment.  Take what comes, give full attention to that thing, don’t multi-task.  


The more we tune in to conscious listening, we open the flow.  Then we follow it.  It may or may not make us money, it may or may not check things off the proverbial list, it may not fall in line with society’s “should’s”.  But I’m pretty sure it’ll make us smile.  And make others smile too.