Mindful Movement Class as part of Ecstatic Dance

Mindful Movement Class as part of Ecstatic Dance

“When the whole self dances”

Mindful Movement Class before Ecstatic Dance.

Utilizing tools from modern dance, dance improvisation, meditation and Butoh (Japanese dance of the dark), Trey and Nadine will lead a one hour movement class aimed at waking up the whole self through mindful movement to help us more fully express ourselves both on and off the dance floor.  The class explores moving authentically from the physical body in response to the room and music (physicality and rhythm exploration-great for the hip hop to follow), moving from story, emotion and environment (to receive and process what is released through dance).  Once the study of each of these parts is completed individually, the class concludes with a “showing” that combines the parts into a whole, moving as whole self, in a mindful movement meditation.  Please bring 1-3 (raw) eggs for one of the exercises.  Some will be provided in case you forget.   Hope to see you there and stay for the hip hop ecstatic dance to apply class inquiries.  Please be on time as there is a short amount of time to cover many things.

This special class is part of Ecstatic Dance Santa Cruz with Daniel Mollner that happens every third Saturday of the month at the PCC.  Ecstatic Dance usually meets 7p-10p but will begin with our class this month 7-8pm.

Pacific Cultural Center
1307 Seabright, Santa Cruz
Saturday November 16th 7p-8p