Maybe Light

The Art Cave
2801 Mission St., Santa Cruz

Friday April 19, 2019
Free event as part of the Santa Cruz Dance Week

Which shapes of light illuminate our path,
what qualities of light attract us, do we, at some point become aware of our lightness?

MovementLab brings performance and participatory installations to the Old Wrigley Building halls and The Art Cave’s gallery, concluding the evening with a miniature dance party hosted by Hamid Martin of Inner Rhythm.

MovementLab is a collective of artists and musicians from Santa Cruz and Chicago, working in modern dance, Butoh, costume and art installations, and music of all genres. Hosting weekly movement classes and freeform moving meditations currently in Santa Cruz, come experience the performance artists of MovementLab, be moved and bring your dancing feet for a post performance miniature dance party.

Nadine Lollino
Trey Donovan
Ayla Rose
Rachel Barnes
Susann Suprenant (saving the day)
Sage (tarot maestro)
Raven Lakens

Bob Garrett
Hamid Martin
John Malkin

artist in gallery:
Elijah Pfotenhauer

photo by:
Ian Ace Vecchiotti