Story, Rhythm and Body improvisation class

Story, Rhythm and Body improvisation class

Story, Rhythm and Body: Movement Improvisation Class

Motion Pacific Dance Studio
131 Front St. Santa Cruz, CA

Thursday April 25, 2019

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Class description:
Dance improvisation can be used as preparation for choreography, as a performance tool, and as a place for personal and collective growth and healing. We generally agree that dance is good for us in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ways. We see dance as meditation, healing, community, and art. This dance improvisation class explores ideas from modern dance, movement therapy, Butoh, yoga, and other somatic practices that focus on posture, strength and flexibility in the physical body, the relationship between dance and music, and the roles of imagination and story. As an improvisation class there are no set steps, the exercises create a container for personal exploration, accessible to all movers, with or without any formal dance background.

Awareness in the physical body helps to create a safer and freer vehicle for creative expression. Class warmups deepen our understanding of the bodies kinesthetic abilities, finding and expanding our edges in range of motion, and increasing our movement vocabulary to offer a more integrative, whole body experience. Music enhances and inspires creative expression, story and healing, moving our attention away from thinking mind towards intuitive listening. Developing our relationship to music, the class explores our interaction with song and rhythm through various styles of live (guest musicians and dj’s) and recorded music. Story telling and use of imagery and visualization can help us to express past and present influences on our sense of identity, which can act as a pathway for moving stresses and traumas and align our life to the collective presence. These are skills that enhance our ability to express for our own benefit, to connect with others, and to create a more visceral performance for artists.