The Artists

Nadine Lollino

Nadine Lollino has been creating and performing in the arts of dance, costume making and video since 2002. She is currently working under her solo creation, MovementLab, and also co-founder of multi-media collective PosterchildArt. Nadine has previously danced with Anatomical Dance Theater, Breakbone Dance Co., and the Humans, all Chicago-based companies. She has been presenting her own works since 2005, traveling nationally and internationally. Nadine also practices massage therapy and teaches yoga. She has been developing Moving Meditation classes, a freeform movement practice for all communities to connect to the healing found in dance and music. Nadine spent the last year and a half in Santa Cruz, California and moved to Taos NM! Check out videos of past work and current works at

Trey Donovan

Trey Donovan brings together such diverse cultural elements as music/sound-art, language, dance, sculpture, structure and technology to synthesize impressions of our place in the universe. His recent projects involve him in music and dance composition and improvisation, and draw on influences from nature, culture, and experimental artistic discoveries.
Trey has studied, taught and performed with a variety of butoh-based companies and teachers since 2001, in the SF Bay Area and Seattle. He now resides in an Earthship in Taos, NM.