What is MovementLab?

“Movement Lab is a powerful tool. It has fueled so much of my self learning in both mind and movement. You will explore emotions, attachments, and energies through sharing movement connections with yourself and others. The style is uniquely a movement lab. I can enjoy dance and movement in many ways but nothing compares to an hour long trance with your subconscious. All accompanied with a warm community, caringly created space, and consistently amazing tracks. Grateful to have grown roots in this practice. ” student Amalia Daviero

Nadine Lollino has been in somatic studies essentially her whole life. Studying music, dance and theater from an early age, she was inspired to see things from a creative perspective. Studying movement therapy in college opened up many ideas and Nadine followed the path into massage therapy, yoga, art making and teaching to help integrate the body/mind connection.

While dancing for small modern companies in Chicago over the years she also kept stoking her own creative fire creating costumes, dances and video making for performance. All the while, teaching Pilates, yoga and working as a massage therapist. Nadine’s education in bodywork has been primarily focused on neuromuscular and myofascial techniques, excelling in pain reduction and injury prevention.

Nadine has been working creatively with Trey Donovan for the past five years, living off-grid on the Mesa in Taos NM, in an Earthship. This unique experience supports their intention to live consciously and in the spirit of experimentation, learn from the earthship model. Trey has an extensive background in the architecture of things, has studied in a variety of somatic practices including Butoh, as well as being an accomplished musician.

You can practice with Nadine online through Zoom yoga classes, on your own with the video library of classes, and in person in Taos. The 3Bodies movement class currently held in-person, uses games, directives, visualizations, and drawing to wake up the senses and our potentiality, recognize and unwind patterns of movement and thought projections and enhance our responsibility towards togetherness.

MovementLab hosts retreats, and teaches/performs nationally and internationally.

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