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I have been practicing massage since 2002. I combine tools from various massage studies as well as other healing modalities to create a therapeutic plan with clients. My studies focus on neuromuscular therapy, myofascial therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, energy balancing through studies in Reiki, Prana Yoga and dance therapy, pre-natal, and cupping/moxa/guasha. I am also a certified TRE® Provider (you can read more about this under the Yoga tab) and Manual Lymphatic Drainage certified. I aim to see the person as a whole, where there is neck pain I address the direct area, surrounding tissues, posture, emotional stresses, diet, breath, and work on strengthening and stretching to regain balance. Client feedback includes sensing safe space, feeling relaxed, and that they have learned something. I encourage combining yoga therapy into their sessions when appropriate.

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Contact me directly for massage sessions at:
Essential Massage and Spa Therapies
824 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, Taos (schedule is by appointment)
312-208-8409 (call or text to schedule)
email nadine -at- movementlab -dot- dance

“I first started see Nadine in 2010 on the referral of a friend who had issues with her back. I have spinal stenosis which can be tricky and, as an endurance cyclist, I needed a therapist I could trust not to aggravate the condition. After just one session I was hooked. Nadine slowly and carefully worked around, and in, the areas of tightness and pain. Targeted and skillful, she treated my tight areas without any random, unneeded pressure. She released my psoas muscle, which many therapists are hesitant to do, and talked to me about stretches and strategies.

All these years later I am still a regular and won’t let anyone else touch my back. Nadine’s careful work, which now includes cupping, has allowed me to avoid medication and continue to cycle at a high level.
Nadine does not have a “one method fits all” practice. Unlike many I have tried that start at the top and work their way down in a scripted, methodical process, Nadine takes the time to individualize her therapy and solve problems.” Dian Sourelis

“Nadine is the best! I’ve gone to her for years with all of my aches and pains. She’s a wonderful massage therapist who brings a healing combination of skill, presence, and caring to her work. And she somehow knows where all of the sore spots are!” Doug Petcher

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